To my former students:
I welcome you to submit your stories, experiences, and advice to my current students. This form gets emailed just to me. Only your first name and last initial will be used.
Thank you, MH
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Testimonial from a Parent:

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how THRILLED I am about Sara’s progress and grade thus far in your English class.  I actually teared up when I saw her grade- I am so proud of her.  I believe I told you before that English is not as easy for Sara as Math and Science are but she has worked so hard to do well in your class and that is truly because of you! I can not thank you enough for the kindness, support, inspiration and encouragement that you have given her everyday.  When I found out that you were going to be Sara’s English teacher, I did a little investigating on the computer as I do for every teacher and I found your website. I knew from browsing your website that your AP class was going to be no joke- but I also knew that you were going to be a perfect match for Sara. I just had a great feeling about it and you have gone far above and beyond my expectations!  Sara really is enjoying your class- I never thought that I would be able to say that about an English class! I am a tough critic and I am not easily impressed but I think you are AMAZING across the board.  You are tough and you expect a lot from your students, but you are also kind, caring and fair- I really believe that you care and you want them to do well! Your dedication to teaching and to your students is commendable!  I have nothing but high praise and great things to say and you have now set my bar higher! I really feel that Sara is getting so much out of having you as her teacher. I am pretty organized- but I don’t hold a candle to you! Even though your class does involve a lot of work, you make everything so easy by CONSTANTLY keeping everyone in the know, students and parents alike if they want to be involved in what is going on like I do.  I want to let you know how much I appreciate it- I really don’t know how you do it!  Your website is just FANTASTIC- what a great tool to keep everyone on track! So again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! I am so excited to see what the remainder of the year brings for Sara!
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Break,
-Elizabeth Rowlands

Testimonials from Former Students:

At the beginning of the year I was overwhelmed with the amount of work that I knew was to be assigned but as the year played out, as long as you stayed on task and showed up to class and went to clinic, it was very manageable. I am seriously so thankful as my first full week of college classes end that I had MH as my senior English teacher because there is a crazy amount of writing already.
Advice to current students:
GO TO CLINIC!! If you have questions, just ask MH, it helps a lot! When you get your papers back before you hand it in for the second time, fix what you can and stay after and go over it with MH . It was what saved my grade and it is very helpful for what to do for the next paper. I was not the best writer before her class and I could actually see a difference in my writing by the end of the year.
-Kayla D., CR South Class of 2016, student at Duquesne University

Dear MH,
After finishing my first year of college I wanted to take a minute to thank you. Thank you for caring about your students, and pushing me further in my writing abilities. Thank you for introducing new study habits to me, because of you I finished my first year on Dean’s List. Even though sometimes your class was a load of work, I don’t think I had a class prepare me better for college then yours. Without your help I don’t think I would have done this well, let alone get an A in my English 101 class.
Hope to see you soon!
Advice to current students:
1.If you are frustrated, don’t give up, just keep pushing through.
2. Come prepared for class.
4. Even though you might find having a million different color highlighters stupid, and color organizing your reading it really does help.
5. You may be sitting at your desk right now thinking, “I will never use this,” think again.
-Leah M., CR South Class of 2015, student at Rochester Institute of Technology

Dear Mrs.Miller-Hosey,
I had you as my accelerated English 12 teacher last year. I am writing you to thank you. Thank you for all that you taught me that year that helped me prepare for my future. I am currently in the Cell and Molecular Biology major at West Chester University and am doing well. I have been employed as a tutor for Biology 110 and Statistics. Next semester I will be working on research along side my Zoology professor and will hopefully be published. All that I have accomplished would have been hard without you. From my admissions essay to even get into college to how to write a resume and great detailed notes from textbooks you have been in the back of my mind the whole time. I am hoping to come back to south and visit when the semester is over. I hope this email brightens your day because I remember how hard and stressful the end of the year was on you; especially with post-Disney seniors!
Good luck and hope to see you soon,
-Brooke T., CR South Class of 2015

Mrs. Miller Hosey is the embodiment of why Council Rock South is a top-ranked school in Pennsylvania. Ms. Miller Hosey managed to impart the seriousness of our education upon us as teenage students while still allowing us to have fun while learning. After high school, I graduated from Villanova University and Villanova Law School with top honors and now work as an attorney in Philadelphia. I’m able to appreciate now, as an adult, the enormous impact Ms. Miller Hosey had on my education and personal development.  Thank you, MH, for preparing me so wonderfully for higher education and a challenging career!
-Ashley L., CR South Class of 2004

I am honored to have been able to be in MH’s class. MH had such a positive impact on me. Her class helped improve my reading and writing skills as well as my abilities as an overall student. Now being in college, I can truly see how having MH greatly prepared me for writing at a university level. The techniques and tips I received in her class have proven to be invaluable. Going into 11th grade, English was not my best subject; I had a lot of anxieties about having MH. However, MH helped quell all my nerves, and she was always available and willing to help me, and I found English enjoyable in MH’s class.
Advice to current students:
1. Listen to MH!!!! She knows what she is doing. The reason I succeeded in her class was because I trusted her advice and applied the corrections she gave me.
2. Always be prepared and ready to participate. Even if you don’t have all the answers, it is extremely helpful to engage in class discussions and work with classmates to help everyone achieve his/her best.
3. To quote the advice MH gave me upon knowing of my anxieties: “Keep asking questions.” Never be afraid to ask MH anything. MH is always willing to help students and provide them with the tools necessary for success. It is impossible to find a teacher who works harder for her students than MH does.
4. MH’s class is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Don’t worry too much  about any one essay grade. MH always gives students the opportunity to improve. Take advantage of these extra credit chances. Persistent effort will surely be beneficial.
-Alex R., CR South Class of 2015, currently at Cornell University
MH may seem a little over whelming with how much work she gives you, but it is all helpful. She really does teach you how to not only write but also how to write well. MH actually cares, and will help you as much as you need, all you have to do is ask.  If you need proof then here: I have had five essays due this semester and the lowest grade I have received is a 92%.
Advice to current students:
1. do your homeworks and assignments, they’re easy points.
2. GO TO HER CLINIC AND GET HER HELP it will improve your writing SO MUCH.
3. extra credit can help you so much! do it!
-Bernadette H., CR South Class of 2015, currently at BCCC
When I heard I was going to have MH my senior year I was very nervous and a little scared because of what I had heard from past students. Trying not to let this affect my first impression I went in with an open mind and I am glad I did that. MH is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and is always there for all her students. She pushes you to be the best not only student you can be but also the best person you can be. I would lie if I said her class wasn’t hard because it is. She pushes you outside your comfort zone with writing assignments and readings but in the end she’s doing it to help you prepare for college. She wants to help you in any way she can. She is not is not that type of teacher that is there because she has to be and its her job. She is there because she wants to help students and wants to teach them what they need to know for college and the real world.
Advice to current students:
1. Show up on time with your homework assignments done (there easy points)
2. Do the extra credit it can really help your average at the end of the year.
3. Go to clinic! MH is always willing to help and stay extra hours
4. Go in with a positive attitude its not as bad as you think
5. Stay positive. It will all click eventually
-Allison T., CR South Class of 2015

I was fortunate enough to have MH for AP 11 last year. Even though I am now a senior and do not have MH as a teacher, I still go back to her room whenever I can for advice or just to say hi! She affected me in a way that no other teacher has. She truly cares about her students, both academically and in regard to their lives outside of school. I personally had a very rough year last year and MH was one of the only teachers who was there for me when I needed a little extra motivation to keep me on track. MH is definitely the best teacher I have ever had at South!
Advice to current students:
You may have heard that MH is a very difficult teacher in regards to her expectations of students, and that is true. However, this is not a bad thing. Putting in that little extra amount of effort throughout the year will pay off incredibly when you breeze through the AP test and future English courses. If you take her advice and take in all the knowledge she has to offer, MH will push you to reach a potential you never knew you even had. You may find yourself getting frustrated trying to reach the level of perfection she aspires for you to reach, but believe me, it will be worth it. Make sure to bookmark her website and calendar on your phone and check it multiple times a day! MH will often change her plans to benefit YOU, so make sure to keep on top of what you’re expected to have done for the next day. Saying that, also try to take things one step at a time and one day at a time. Don’t get too overwhelmed with everything you have to do and learn before the AP test because you WILL be prepared if you follow her schedule attentively. Have a great year with MH!
-Sara R., CR South Class of 2016

My first impression of MH was based solely off of accounts heard from former students: her class is very, very difficult. That being said, I went in with an open mind about the type of person she is, and I’m so glad I did. MH pushed me harder than any teacher ever has, the whole time remaining a welcoming and supportive teacher. I was never afraid to ask questions or for advice about assignments. She promised in the beginning of the year that our hard work combined with her teaching would help us achieve the best scores on the SAT and AP tests; I know for me that this promise was fulfilled. Before her class, I considered writing my weakness. Now, I actually think it’s one of my biggest strengths. When it came to college applications, she offered long before the Common App even opened to write letters of recommendation. Throughout the process she stayed in contact, asking me how the applications were going, and once my early ones had been submitted, she was genuinely curious of the outcome. She consistently told me she believed I would get into Princeton University (which she knew was my dream school), and this belief alone meant a lot to me during a very stressful time.
Advice to current students:
Do your work! Come to clinic if you need help! MH was always willing to help those who followed instructions and were polite. Get to know her as a person as well! I bombarded her with requests for letters of recommendation, and she made a point to prioritize a few of mine that had special instructions. With her tremendous teaching ability, constant support, and letters of recommendation, MH was a huge factor in my acceptance to Princeton. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for that.
-Gabriela V., CR South Class of 2014, currently a student at Princeton University

I just finished my first week of classes in Villanova University’s Honors Program. If I had not been in Ms. Miller Hosey’s class in high school, I wouldn’t be here right now. Ms. Miller Hosey taught me so much when I had her for AP English Language that I dropped down a level the next year just to have a chance of being in her class again—and I have never regretted that decision. She’s undoubtedly one of the best teachers Council Rock has to offer, and it is she that turned me from a student into a scholar. One of the best things about “MH” is that she’s willing to work at least as hard as her students. She’s always been great at answering questions at all hours of the night, and she literally works herself to the point of exhaustion on a nearly weekly basis. She puts so much effort into what she does that it is very easy for her students to learn and improve. When I entered her classroom for the first time, I considered writing to be my weakest area; when I left it for the final time, I considered writing to be my strongest area. I’d like to mention one final thing.  I’ve always had a bit of a health condition, and I ended up having three surgeries in the two years that I had MH. She was extremely tolerant with deadlines and did an amazing job of getting me back in the swing of things each time. Her reputation as a stickler isn’t unfounded, but she is wiling to help out if she sees someone who needs it. That’s one of the many things about her that you have to look forward to when you take one of her classes. I have two pieces of advice. This first is simple—work hard. If you put in the effort, you will earn MH’s respect. Secondly, trust the way she does things. My classes in college are very similar to how she ran things in high school, so she is truly trying to prepare you for the next level. Have faith, and enjoy one heck of a year!
-Donald H., CR South Class of 2014

I began my MH experience in AP 11, and quite figuratively began by falling flat on my face. I knew I wasn’t an incredible writer, nor could I comprehend what it meant to construct an essay about the influences literature has on a society, but the genius thing about MH is —she teaches to the highest student. Because she sets the bar high, I not only pulled my own weight in work, but I also grew as a writer. Honors 12 was a different bear. Pressure wasn’t on for preparing for an AP test, and it let the class focus on reading and deeply analyzing the required text. If anything, Hon 12 gave me the best experience of a Shakespearian play I will probably never have again.
Advice to current students:
#1. Be on time and have whatever you need with you for class. Slackers never prosper.
#2. Check the website. No one likes to be blindsided.
#3. Absorb as much knowledge as you possibly can. She’s extremely intelligent.
#4. If you’re going to do something, do it right. . . it saves time.
#5. Have faith in yourself. Eventually everyone has that epiphany moment and everything clicks.
-Lauren F., CR South Class of 2014

Had an amazing semester with MH in English 12! I was honestly scared when I found out I had MH. It was my senior and I was petrified I was going to fail in her class.There were so many rumors of how hard and mean of a teacher she was. I walked into her class and it was the exact opposite. Everything I’ve heard was all wrong. She  was an amazing teacher and loved MH. She really knows what she’s talking about and she’s taught me so much! As long as you put effort in and try, MH will do everything she can to help you out. She will not let you just give up and fail. That’s what I loved about her. She cares for her students and makes sure nobody is slacking. She honestly was my favorite teacher at south. You can literally go to her for anything! Go to her clinics! It’s worth it! I know I was there on a daily basis. It helped me tremendously. She wants you guys to do well. Show her that your putting the work in and she’ll work with you. As long as you do your work your fine.  It’s not a hard course.  Don’t over think it.
-Jaclyn T., CR South Class of 2015

MH’s class was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in High School. It was definitely very challenging, especially since it was my fourth year in America; however, it was absolutely worth it because today I have my Master’s Degree in teaching English to Middle and High School students and I am a member of Screen Actors Guild. MH is definitely strict and demanding, but she is fair and she wants you to succeed. Her classes really do prepare you for college. I passed my SAT high enough to be waived from two English classes which saved me around $3600. Yes, prepare for hard work, but you will be very thankful at the end that you took her class. Just follow the checkmarks! Really! All MH’s assignments have very detailed instructions. If you follow the instructions, you are 85% there. The other 15 percent is homework and clinic. MH is always available for extra help. You just have to ask. Also, be very specific about your issues and don’t be afraid to admit them. MH loves students who show sincere effort. She loves to help, as long as you are ambitious,  persistent and responsible. Don’t come saying that you are not happy with your vocab grades if your vocab assignments are not done. Same with papers: stay on track, do not leave everything for the last day, ask for feedback and be creative. Good luck!
-Maria B., CR South Class of 2006

I first met MH through the Golden Wings Theatre Company as a freshman, but didn’t get to know her more until the following year.  Like many students, I was very intimidated by her, especially when I was a freshman and new to the district at the time.  From my sophomore year onwards I worked very closely with MH in different capacities doing all things theatre, always aware of the reputation that MH has as an English teacher, but never experiencing it for myself in the classroom.  While I was initially in honors English, I was told to go into accelerated after my sophomore year.  By the time I was a senior, I was hoping to have MH as my English teacher not because of our existing rapport, but because I knew that given her reputation, I would be very prepared for beast that awaited me in college.  I was not wrong.  By the time I was a senior I also became one of her right-hand women in the theatre.  All of what MH taught me (in and out of the classroom) have helped me in college and beyond. As a current educator, and former student of MH, I can tell you that what you learn from MH will carry you far.  The close-reading and annotating skills, writing skills, as well as strict adherence to directions, are all skills you need to be successful in college (and beyond), and there are many who even enter college without these skills.  Whether or not any of this comes easy to you, MH really goes out of her way to put us, her students, first by making herself available to you, so if you have questions, don’t be shy!  Start learning now how to ask for help (it’s much too late to learn how to ask for help at the collegiate level), and once you’ve graduated, it is highly unlikely that you’ll have this kind of support again.  When MH tells you to do something, know that she has your best interest at heart; having taught at the collegiate level, I found myself repeating many of the things MH said to my students.  There is no secret formula to success in MH’s class, other than to take advantage of the resources available to you and to follow her instructions.  Take ownership of your own learning in her class, because whatever effort and initiatives you decide to put into your coursework with MH is exactly what you will get out of it.  Nothing is given or spoon-fed to you, but earned.  Remember that a grade is also not always the best indicator of how much you’ve learned.
-Krystal E, CR South Class of 2008

She was tough as nails and I’m glad she was. MH is not the typical English teacher you would have. Her persistent and challenging attitude will either drive hardworking students to success or drive the not-so-hardworking ones away. All of this is not without reason. For those in senior year, college is just around the corner. This means learning how to write essays is an essential skill no matter what you plan to major in. MH teaches this skill throughout the year and you’ll graduate with more than what you would have thought. My advice to those who take her class is to manage your time wisely. Albeit cliché, this will definitely keep you ahead of the game in her class. You definitely do not want to get bogged down under a mountain of homework. Overall, MH is a tough teacher with a good intention to prepare students for college.
-Michael W., CR South Class of 2014

MH is an extremely good teacher. Sometimes a typical English class can be frustrating because it is subjective. However, MH has a method to grade efficiently and fairly- in a manner that is black and white. While her class provides a sufficient workload, she also offers a plethora of extra credit points to balance those tests/quizzes one doesn’t do well on. Her classes never have a dull moment, but MH is very understanding of high school life and doesn’t mind when students take a few moments in the hall to relax, collect themselves and prepare to learn. Overall, MH is one of the best teachers I’ve had the pleasure to have at South. She is levelheaded and fair, but demanding. Her course is rigorous, but rewarding. What you put into MH’s class is what you will get out. MH has helped me to achieve my goals on AP tests and beyond. Once you commit to her class, you will not regret it. Stick it out, put forth your best effort, and don’t lose heart just because of a bad grade or two. It’s not always the grades, it’s what you learn. I wasn’t always a top student in MH’s AP11 class, but I learned a lot. Because of MH, I feel I am a more well rounded student and very prepared for college. Although you may not always agree with MH, always remain patient and respectful; she can be your best resource moving forward.
-Emily Rose D., CR South Class of 2014

 I had a wonderful experience with MH. She took my writing from being below basic to intelligent, cohesive, and witty prose. Rather than simply telling me to rewrite, she worked with me every step of the way. She taught me useful tricks and strategies that I use in every one of my pieces today. She made grammar practice fun and essay writing a breeze. Not only is she a brilliant teacher but a kind, soulful,caring woman as well. Don’t blow off a class with MH as the teacher. Every worksheet, every lecture, every packet is a gift that doesn’t stop giving. The skills you learn in her class will help you time and time again. What she expects of her students is exactly that of college professors and future employers. Yes, she will push you but it is honestly for your own good.
-Michelle C., CR South Class of 2013

I had a great experience with MH. She is a tough but great teacher who is always willing to help. She wants nothing but the best for all of her students. DO THE WORK! The homework’s are easy points and if you don’t do them then it is a big mistake. Make sure you follow all of her directions and you should do great!
-Emily M., CR South Class of 2014

MH was difficult. Do not think that because she starts off slowly, she will be an easy teacher. However, she is an understanding teacher. She understands that people come from all backgrounds of education, and she doesn’t rely on people’s prior knowledge when teaching. Everyone enters Ms. Miller Hosey’s class on the same level, and they are taught as such. She is extremely helpful when you ask for help (politely), and she will go to the ends of the earth to ensure success for her students. Do not take advantage of her kindness, or she will make your life hell. Always, always, always ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask questions. If you do understand something, ask questions. Ask questions for the hell of it. Ask her for help, ask her if you can help, and ask other people if they need help. Although AP 11 was a difficult class, a bond was created between every individual in the class due to the camaraderie created by the determination to pass the class.
-Dakota D., CR South Class of 2014

At first, I struggled in MH’s class. I didn’t take it seriously and wasn’t interested in putting forth a lot of effort. Naturally, this type of student does not satisfy MH, so she pushed me to work harder. When it came time for essays and college prep, I was eager to learn and highly interested in the material. When I enrolled in my first college level English class, I was assigned to write one five-paged paper every week for all 8 weeks. This would have scared me, had I not previously been taught by MH. It turns out, the way she asks her students to format her papers mirror the way college professors do. Learning to write papers from MH was the best thing I ever did to prepare for my college career. As a result, I received an A in that English class. In the end, my increased effort paid off and for that I am very grateful for everything MH taught me. Embrace her style of note taking when reading books. They help you comprehend and memorize the book, which can be the difference in letter grades in college.
-Henry F., CR South Class of 2012

MH was an amazing teacher! She was tough but she knew how to prepare her students for the future. I went into MH’s class with poor writing skills, and I left knowing more than I can imagine. I am really happy I had MH as a teacher and I am thankful for everything she taught me. My advice to current students would be to stay on top of everything! It may seem hard but if you do everything on time and the way it is supposed to be done than you will be fine. Also, take advantage of any extra credit opportunities and clinic. Lastly, buy and use an array of colored highlighters; they will be useful!
-Rachael L., CR South Class of 2014

Being in MH’s class my junior year of high school was challenging but so rewarding. I felt like I really learned new information and techniques that I can use through out the rest of high school and college as well. It may have been stressful at times, but the work we did in class was worth it in the end. Now that I am out of the class, I can really see how much I’ve learned about analyzing the language of many different pieces of literature. MH is truly there to help and make you a better student even if things seem crazy at times. I genuinely enjoyed being part of her class and will miss it this year. She may be tough, but she prepared me for future classes and greatly improved my skills as a writer and thinker. If you want to succeed in MH’s class, the first step is to not freak out before you get there. You may think that from hearing things that it’s a ton of work and impossible to get through, but it’s honestly not. If you follow directions, get your work done on time, and pay full attention in class, you will be fine. If you ever feel overwhelmed just go to MH. She cares about her students and will help you whenever you need so take advantage of clinic time!
-Leanne D.

When I first stepped into her class, MH was so intent on pronouncing my name correctly.  She was very meticulous over articulating the syllables in my name.  That was when I knew she was one of the most caring and motivated teachers at Council Rock High School South.  All the work she assigns her students reveals how much she wants to improve their writing skills.  Personally, I saw myself developing my writing skills; I started to carefully choose the right words for my essays, and I gradually cut down the number of words in my sentences.  Furthermore, MH’s class was rigorous in the beginning.  However, working diligently in her class not only helped me earn an A, but it also transformed me into a successful learner! The most crucial advice that I can give is to WORK HARD.  Hard work always pays off and will help you earn an A.  Another piece of advice is to go to clinic if you have any questions.  MH will never give you a hard time when you have a question. She wants to answer questions because if you did not understand something, the chances are that other students did not understand either.  My last piece of advice is to not write anything obvious when writing an essay about a literary work.  Know your audience!  MH has read The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, and all the other literary works for so long.  When analyzing a text, do not write about plot or anything superficial.  Overall, you will learn a lot about English this year.  You may even learn something about yourself.
-Hamzah S., CR South Class of 2015

MH helped a lot with English and also writing my college essays. I became a stronger writer after my sessions. Listen to everything MH says and make sure you practice every exercise!
-Marissa, SAT Tutoree

I had a great time in MH’s class! MH had very helpful teaching methods that enabled me to improve all aspects of English class, especially writing. All the hard work definitely paid off in the end. What was a struggle in the beginning of the year became easier as the year went on. Aside from just English class, I learned how to be a successful student in every class thanks to MH’s study tips and advice. My advice to current students would be to  take each assignment one step at a time. Do not panic and everything will be okay! The work seems like a lot, but it is all helpful and beneficial. You will definitely excel in MH’s class if you listen to what MH has to say, keep up with all the work, and take advantage of extra credit opportunities!!
-Alex R., CR South Class of 2015

MH helped me the most when it came to SAT prep. She was able to provide me with all the resources and strategies  I needed, to obtain my desired scores. MH was always there when I needed her, and she continued to assist me as a college advisory. I suggest to all new students to take this opportunity of MH’s skills and flourish with her help.
-Valerie, SAT Tutoree

The most difficult part of entering the class of any teacher, especially MH, is trying to look past what you’ve heard about their methods of teaching. MH is known to be extremely difficult and very particular. These statements are only partially true. MH is difficult (there is no question about that), but she balances this out by being nurturing to all of her students. She will bend over backwards to help ease your anxieties and build your confidence. MH is also particular, but she balances this out by being fair in what she asks. She will tell you exactly what she expects from you and will show you exactly how to be successful. However, it is on you, as the student, to follow her advice and to do well. I had MH for AP Language and Composition in eleventh grade, and I can honestly say that I have never learned so much from a teacher. As a bonus, I did really well! MH’s class is by no means impossible. Just follow directions and work hard; you will have a great year!
Advice to current students:
1. Pay attention
2. Miss class as little as possible
3. Be polite
5. Work hard
-Jessica M., CR South Class of 2015

The rumors that everyone hears about MH are not jokes, but they are not the end all be all of the class. I had not exactly heard positive things before taking AP 11 so I was surprised to find such a nice teacher when I started my junior year. I realized quickly that the class did not have a bad reputation due to a mean teacher. The class is specifically designed by a very smart person to be challenging, so it is not surprising that it is very challenging indeed. Never hesitate to ask for help. You may have to ask for help 50 times in a week, but at the end of the week you know 50 new things. This class does eventually end. When you get to THAT point in the year (and you will recognize it when you do) it is helpful to remember that it will all pass and you just have to work for a little bit longer. If you are reading the schedule and you do not know what something is, go straight to the source and just ask MH. Walking into class and seeing everyone else turn in an assignment you didn’t know existed is not fun.
-Sam S., CR South Class of 2015

I have gotten so much help from MH with writing multiple essays. She is extremely honest about your writing and will give you appropriate criticism where she sees fit, however she does this with the intention of making you the best writer you can possibly be. After showing my writing to her and discussing it with her, I always feel confident about my essays.
-Tanya K

My experience with MH, although a bit challenging at times, was something that helped me become a better student. I went into Ms. Miller Hosey’s class thinking I knew all I needed to know about English, but that wasn’t the case. MH taught me more in one year about grammar tricks, reading strategies, and note taking skills than I learned in my previous three years at South. MH doesn’t aim just to help you pass her class, but to make you succeed in all the years to come, especially in college. MH’s course is rigorous, but it’s what most kids need to her in order to get the work done on time and done properly. Ms. Miller Hosey works to not only to teach you the essentials for a typical English class, but makes her class fun! She has educational, yet fun and creative activities and projects for you. She is always there to help you, not many teachers stay after everyday till 3:30-4 after school to sit with you and help you with anything. Some advice to current students is to follow instructions. Listen to what MH says so that you don’t fall behind. Do all your hw, she doesn’t give you an unbearable amount of hw so complete it cause every point counts. Always look on her website! She puts so much useful info on that website: a schedule of what you do each day, helpful websites, what hw is due,and when it should be completed. Don’t be nervous for her class! She will never give you something you wouldn’t be able to do. Ms. Miller Hosey is not difficult, as long as you make use of all the resources she gives to you and do what and as she says!
-Nichole D., CR South Class of 2015

As I turned left on the first day into MH’s class I was filled with nerves and the pompous attitude of a senior. “Senioritis”hit me like a brick wall in the ides of September and MH was the first person to put me back on track. I went through countless hours of Shakespeare and a plethora of other readings and shockingly, i was never stressed. The course would have been impossible without the guiding and helping hand of MH. As long as I did what was asked of me, the grade spoke for itself (I should’ve done what she asked of more often). The first teacher I emailed when I started college was of course, Mama MH.
Advice to current students:
1) Stay on task.
2) Follow directions…she likes things her way so abide by it.
3) You’re writing and reading skills will increase exponentially so appreciate it.
4) Trust MH, the women knows what she’s doing. She’s been around the block.
5) Enjoy your time! She is a teacher, a mom, and a friend.
6) Be yourself, MH can use a laugh here and there.
-Landon C., CR South Class of 2014

MH you would not believe what our first unit in English 15 is . . . Ethos, Pathos, Logos. After that we have rhetorical analysis and then logical fallacies. I was floored. Of course I remembered to bring the most vital papers I received in AP 11. Just thought I’d update you on PSU freshman comp. I wish you the best of luck in the following school year and all of your classes!!
-Lauren F., CR South Class of 2014, currently a student at Penn State

MH is one of the kindest and most considerate teachers at South.  She takes the time to know each student on an individual basis, and she prepares you so much throughout the year.  MH is a undeniably a tough teacher, but you will succeed as long as you are respectful and you do your work.  Even though you have to work hard in MH’s class, it is extremely rewarding.  The skills you learn in her class will help you in many other classes and in life.  She is willing to help students whenever they need it, and she rarely misses clinic days.  If you are worried about having MH for the first time, relax.  She wants the best for her students, and she gives them all of the tools they will need to be successful.
-Maura R., CR South Class of 2014

MH is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She is so helpful and dedicates many hours for those who wish to succeed. I had MH for Accelerated English 12 my senior year. I can honestly say that the course made me work harder than any other course, but the outcome was well worth it. There were some materials I did not grasp right away, but MH was there to help. She dedicated time and effort both during class and during clinic to make sure I knew the material inside and out. MH also loves to stay connected. She could make another career out of answering emails, as she answers each student’s emails as quickly as possible. Not only is she a terrific person, but she really wants her students to succeed and she will meet you half way. She met me half way, I worked my rear-end off, and I succeeded. Trust me, I am not a genius. This may sound easier said than done, but just do the work. I understand that for seniors this is unheard of, but I did it and I turned out fine. MH’s classes prepare you for college, and make you develop a work ethic that will help you in college, and in your career. Like I mentioned before, MH will meet you half way. If you are willing to put the time in, she will be there to help you with whatever problems you may have with the material.
-Michael W., CR South Class of 2013

I met MH my freshman year at CR South High School. She was in charge of the Golden Wings Theater Company. I always wanted to be an actor and MH always did a wonderful job promoting professionalism when preparing a show. She showed me what it was like to put on a professional grade show while still in high school. Her dedication and knowledge inspired me to continue acting. In fact, I’m still acting today and I am on the board of directors for Philadelphia first pay-what-you-can theater company, Thespionage. MH encourages her students to do their absolute best because she genuinely believes in everyone’s ability to do great things. She is a great woman, an amazing teacher and a wonderful friend. Listen to everything she says because the woman knows what she’s talking about. Plus, she will always do whatever is best for her students, so please take her advice when she offers it.
-Amanda L., CR South Class of 2006

I first met MH for public speaking in my senior year of high school. I had only heard of MH as the legendary CRHS-S English teacher that she is (I think “is” is the correct tense because I think she still is legendary…), and I was excited to be able to take her class before I moved on to college.  MH taught me the art of public speaking over the months I had in her class. I practiced deliberate and paced speech with her, and tailored the craft so that ultimately I was picked to speak at graduation in 2010–one of the greatest memories of my life. Thanks MH. Take advantage of every opportunity in high school. If you’re not sure you’ll like something or not, try it and find out. There’s lessons to be learned and passions to be discovered.
-Sean B., CR South Class of 2010

I may have been one of the most quiet students you’ve had, but I learned a lot and I’m glad to have had you as my teacher. I’ve become quite a Shakespeare fanatic myself and I love making references to plays like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello. I’ve also taken up quite the interest in poetry and consider it one of my favorite pastimes! Thanks for all the life lessons you shared and the diligent work ethic you drilled into us; it’s reflecting on my grades already and will continue to for years to come. As for all the Shakespeare, it has somehow inspired me to look into and become a firm believer in Biocentrism, the theory that humans are not worth any more than any other organism on this planet. I’ve actually written a ten-page paper on the topic for my professor and he’s giving me extra credit!
Advice for current students:
As the prominent Socrates once said, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” As a teacher, you are there to help them further understand the English language. What students expect is for you to give them all the information and for them to memorize it; and that’s completely wrong. They have to put in as much, if not more, work than the teacher does. And one last thing: Hard work is only a prison sentence when you lack motivation.
Thanks for everything. I hope you had a summer and an even better year!
-Tom V., CR South Class of 2013

Going to college has really opened my eyes to everything in my past. I have really been working hard to become a better, and more successful student, and I can honestly say I owe you so much! You made me so eager to learn, and become the student I am now. College obviously has been tough, and the work load isn’t easy, but I always seem to go back to you when I think about high school and learning not only academically, but life skills as well. Having you as a teacher my senior year of high school I obviously wasn’t delighted because I heard so many rumors and I wasn’t looking forward to working hard my senior year, but I can honestly say I would never choose another English teacher. You made me grow so much as a writer, and I even got A’s on both of my papers so far! I guess I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you taught me in and out of the classroom, and tell you that college has been such a positive experience for me so far! I hope you are having a great year so far (obviously not as good as last year), and hope you are doing well yourself!
Thanks again,
-Olivia R., CR South Class of 2013, current student at Towson University